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Living Waters Worship - 11:00 AM Progressive Worship

“Informal,” “progressive,” “joyful,” “playful,” “engaging,” “thought-provoking,”                          
“interactive,” “justice-oriented,” “edgy,” “creative”:  these are the values and goals
of Living Waters worship.  Richfield UMC is a city church, and as such, we seek
to welcome those in our community who may be “turned-off” by traditional                           
worship, or who may have not always felt welcomed by the church.  As followers
in the way of Jesus, we want to offer “radical hospitality” to all, regardless of age,
race, gender, income level, or sexual orientation. We seek to offer new ways to
think about the message of God’s love, engaging the intellect as well as the                       
heart.  Together, we strive to bond in community in order to walk the walk of                       
Our worship offers deep communal prayer, a dynamic message, joyful music and
coffee.  The Living Waters Band brings to worship an eclectic mix of bluesy                       
gospel, energetic Christian rock, latino and world hymnody, jazz, and traditional
hymns with a new twist.
Find refreshment at the Living Waters!