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The Importance of Ministry

We believe that through intentional deepening of our faith lives through worship participation, Bible study, spiritual exploration, prayer and communion with others, our lives and the lives of our world are blessed.

As a church, we celebrate the unique gift of being an intergenerational community committed to nurturing, challenging and supporting each other in our walks in faith.  In a world increasingly fractured and harried, we open the doors at the church in order that all might come in, all heard, all ages and genders and orientations and economic strata and all races:  All.  In seeking the Christ in each other, we affirm the Christ that resides within us each.  We know this holy power as gift.

We invite you to share your questions, your thoughts, your wisdom and your shine with others who seek spiritual relevance through Christ.

You are welcome here.  Should you have questions about our ministry or seek a conversation with our pastor, please contact the church at rumc@richfieldumc.org or  612-861-6086.