Missional Church Consultation Initiative

Tap/click here to take the Primary Leadership Components Assessment. 

We are taking this assessment during worship on Sunday, November 17 both through this website and paper copies. This assessment was developed by Rev. Sue Nilson Kibbey, creator of Missional Church Consultation Initiative (MCCI), to help people determine their primary leadership style. Each style is unique and essential in achieving our mission and making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Thank you for taking this assessment! Please mark the 12 statements – no more, no less! – that fit you the best. This is about how you see yourself, so there are no wrong responses.  Please turn in your completed assessment today and you’ll receive your results later.


What is MCCI? This is a system we are now using as a church to prayerfully guide us into our next life cycle. Missional Church Consultation Initiative provides churches and their pastors an intensive consultation and clergy coaching model. It’s designed to help churches that are currently plateaued, in decline, or on the way “up” and need direction for what can comes next – a new life cycle of ministry fruitfulness. After initially exploring this in 2017, the Minnesota Annual Conference invited Richfield UMC to be in this year’s cohort of churches and we began the process in August of this year. MCCI is underwritten by the Annual Conference.

We are completing a variety of assignments leading up to a three-day MCCI Weekend in 2020 when our church meets with the MCCI Consultation Team and receives a prescriptions report to jumpstart our new fruitfulness. If we vote 75% or better to accept the prescritions at an official church conference, the decision is made to go forward. While no program can guarantee to bring a church out of plateau or decline, or continue trajectory up, using an intentional system is the best way to look at who we were, who we are, and who God calls us to be.

What assignments have we started or already completed?

  • Spiritual Leadership Assessment – Everyone takes an assessment to see how we bless our church with who we are. Elected teams and paid staff took it this fall, we will take it in worship on Nov. 17, and it will be available afterward online and in print. Our results are explored in worship in January, 2020.
  • Communications Audit – A small team was recruited to audit our print and online publications this fall. We will use their findings to help us explore our audience, content, delivery, and call to action.

What assignments are about to begin or are already ongoing?

  • Self-Study Team – We are recruiting a dedicated team to conduct a study on aspects of our church, our missional goals, and neighborhood demographics to know how we are currently using our resources.
  • Undercover Worshipers – We are welcoming occasional worship guests who will provide extensive feedback to the MCCI Consultation Team about their experiences with worship and hospitality.
  • Clergy Coaching – Pastor Nate meets monthly with the MCCI clergy cohort to receive training and coaching on leading our church through new assignments and build excitement and momentum.
  • Breakthrough Prayer – A team of 10 who participated in a workshop are developing a prayer for us to pray every day for God to break through and bring our church into our next life cycle together.

What can I do?

  • Pray every day for your church. Use the Remembrance of Baptism prayer “shower tag” given out to each household on Confirmation Sunday to start your day. If you didn’t get one, more are available.
  • Pay attention and stay informed. Regular updates are published in the monthly Heartline newsletter, spoken of in worship and sermons, and on the all-new MCCI page on our website, richfieldumc.org/mcci.
  • Respond to calls for leadership. From time to time, assignments will call for special skills and passions. Be ready to pitch in when a call is made for leadership like yours. You are made for a time such as this.

Thank you for your generous support and continued interest as we partner with God for what comes next!

In Christ,

Rev. Nate Melcher


Tap/click here to view/download an MCCI Brochure that was first made available to the congregation during worship on Sunday, August 18, 2019.