One of my most blessed moments is looking into my 8-month-old granddaughter’s eyes. She is a ponderer—she looks intently at everything, trying to figure out this great big new world around her.

Mackenzie, like her daddy and unlike her momma, is not ticklish. While I used to get my daughter to giggle with glee if I touched her neck or blew on her tummy, Mackenzie just looks at me, wondering what in the world I am doing.

Mack and I had a grammie day last week. When we got back from the fabric and craft store (yes, I am starting her young), we had to get the dogs out of their kennels. These are two large young black labs who start dancing in their metal kennels as soon as you appear in the room. It sounds like drums and cymbals with their feel and tails all going at once. They get rowdier and rowdier the closer you get, spinning around and around, and when you finally let them out, they explode out of the door, up and down the steps, all around you: two black balls of energy and joy and freedom.

I had always thought their dance was just noisy and a bit irritating. But when I had Mackenzie in my arms, she thought it was delightful, and belly-laughed like I have never heard her before. She laughed until we got them upstairs and outside.

She teaches me how to see the world in a new and fresh light. That is how I see Jesus coming into our lives—one who helps us to see everything in a new and fresh light, a light filled with joy just in its very being.

May we all dance like unleashed puppies, and laugh like we are seeing the world for the first time.