I still get weak in the knees (in a good way) when I open a fresh box of Crayola Crayons. It brings back memories of registering for school, getting my school supply list, finding out which of two teachers I would have for the year (It was a small school.), and going uptown to The Fair Store (the local five-and-dime—now there’s a term that is obsolete) to get my school supplies for the coming year. Ooohhh… the visual delight and aroma of new crayons, beautifully arrayed with their crisply squared-off tops, eager to sacrifice that perfection on those first projects of the new year. The names on the sides—periwinkle was my favorite, but “brick red,” “forest green,” “cornflower,” “blue-violet,” and “violet-blue” still make my heart go pitty-pat.

I remember feeling very grown up when, in 5th grade, I had to get colored pencils for maps. And then is 6th grade, when we moved to the third floor of the ancient brick building with the 7th and 8th graders, we got 3-RING BINDERS!!! Seventh grade brought protractors and compasses. I have a cousin a year older than I that grew up in that same small town, so she filled my head with tales about the teachers and mountainous load of homework that would come with each new grade. I loved summers, but always looked forward to starting a fresh new year of school.

I want every child to have that same feeling of anticipation and a fresh start when they begin the school year. I want to make that possible in any way I can, and one way I have found to do it is to donate to school supply drives. I can’t change every child’s situation, but I hope and pray and donate so that at least every child can go off proudly and boldly to school with new school supplies. Though we may wish it otherwise, to not be able to go off to school with supplies like other kids also carries with it memories that last a lifetime, but they are undeserved memories of shame and guilt and pain rather than joy and excitement.

Please join Dave and me in donating generously to double our commitment to kids through VEAP and in our immediate neighborhood this year!

Blessings, Pastor Pam
And yes, I still love to color!

VEAP Back to School Drive
Collection: Now through Sunday, August 13

Bring your donation to Richfield United Methodist Church, 5835 Lyndale Ave S, Mpls., 55419. There are VEAP collection baskets in the main commons area and in the church office.