I think a prayer is in order.
Holy One, we praise you for the amazing miracles we see around us each and every day:
The blessing of a father rejoicing over a child,
The healing of relationships long wounded,
The sound of a loon on a summer lake.
In the midst, we are constantly reminded that we are broken, we are wounded,
we are violent, we don’t listen to each other’s stories, and we need you more than ever.
We ask that you would fill us with passion for the healing of the world.
Our hearts break for the Philando Castile and Jeronimo Yanez families.
We swim in the murky sea of racism—it is all we have known.
Inspire us to be agents of the cleansing of this toxic brew so that
no more lives are lost.
Our hearts break for the violence at Arlington and San Francisco,
and for the  victims of the six other mass shootings in the past week
in our nation that didn’t make the news.
Our hearts break when we hear the announcement that along with silencing your phone,
you too make sure you know where the closest exit is at
a Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus concert.
Baseball practice, singing, going to work, going about your day
Should not be places where we feel unsafe.
May we teach our children the path to justice and peace.
Help us to keep our passions on the positive path,
not demonizing those who disagree with us,
but working, always, for a healing path forward.
It all depends on us. Work in and through us to make a difference in this world.
Challenge us to spend our life doing things that bring your kindom of justice and love.